"GC3 exists to reach girls of your community and surrounding areas, pointing them to Christ and affirming who they are in Him."

In 2009, Brandy Hopkins and Kristie Kirk were leading youth group in their local church when they began to notice the "Mean Girl" syndrome forming and it deeply disturbed them. Having daughters of their own, they knew that this was something that they wanted to address and eliminate.

 Over coffee, Brandy and Kristie discussed having a slumber party for the girls. At this party, they would address what it means to be a mean girl and how you handle being a victim of a mean girl. They would also instill in the girls how valuable they are to God by teaching them that their worth does not lie in what others say or do but only in what God says about them.

 As they talked more about this so called slumber party, ideas began flooding through their mind of how much they really could do for the girls. Before they knew it, they had a name they feel God gave them. GC3- which stands for GIRLS: Chosen, Called, & Confident. Plans began to come together and they realized that this was going to be something much more than just a slumber party. This was going to be a God ordained event; a teen girl's conference.

 Since that time, Kristie and Brandy have lead seven annual conferences. Early on, they decided that they would provide this conference free to any girl who wishes to attend. GC3 relies solely on donations and support.

Until this year, GC3 has been held in Mitchell, Indiana, where Kristie and Brandy used to reside. Brandy now resides in Tell City, Indiana where her husband is senior Pastor of First Baptist Church. Kristie relocated to Jefferesonville, Indiana where she is an Insurance agent. The Lord has been laying on their hearts for some time to expand the conference to different areas. This will be Tell City's second year hosting GC3.

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